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Bible Discovery Team

In addition to our team of pastors, who are our main presenters and who also provide guidance, training, and access to valuable resources necessary for the effective functioning of the ministry, we also have a dedicated team of Bible Instructors - Bible Coaches who have completed the lesson series, additional training with the pastors, and Friendship Ministry Training, and have demonstrated skill in applying those principles in-person and/or via our digital platform. 

All Bible Coaches:

  • Understand and embrace the gospel 
  • Demonstrate dedication to the mission of Christ
  • Are skilled in answering Bible questions directly from the BIble
  • Understand the importance of being friendly, prepared, well organized and communicative

Coach's Roles:

  1. The coach's first priority is to understand and embrace the gospel.
  2. To get to know all participants in their small group and build a relationship with them
  3. Manage their Breakout Room
  4. Encourage participation in the Interactive Discussions
  5. Encourage participants to complete lessons and assist those having issues accessing or completing the lessons online
  6. Follow up with participants when they are missing class
  7. Answer participant's questions about the Bible, the Community Bible School etc.
  8. Communicate with the rest of the team about the needs and progress of group members

We appreciate the tremendous sacrifice of time that Bible Coaches make in order to serve, and we know that you will be thoroughly blessed by their ministry.

Interested in becoming a Bible Coach?

As you progress through our Community Bible School, you also have the opportunity to become a Bible Coach.

Why become a Bible Coach? In one word: IMPACT.

We can all think of people who have impacted our lives in tremendous ways. It is this desire to impact lives with the Gospel and love of Christ that has motivated each of our team members to take on yet another responsibility; to say yes to yet another demand on our time and resources. As we see people rescued from the brink of hopelessness we know that it is worth it. We hope that you will not only participate, but that you will, in turn, use what you are learning to impact the lives of others. 

Looking forward to learning, growing, fellowshipping, and impacting lives together. 

God bless you!

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