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Bible Discovery Center aims to nurture faith in God through a study of His Word. Our online Bible Lessons, Live Interactive Sessions, and most importantly, our local Centers all encourage and facilitate more intentional study of the Scriptures. It is completely free and open to all.

The 2023 Spring session of Bible Discovery Center's Online Community Bible School Live begins on February 11. Meetings start at 4:00 pm Central/5:00 pm Eastern. See connection details below.

Our Community Bible School is divided into three levels, covering everything from Gospel essentials to unraveling the Prophecies of Daniel and the Revelation. Each session consists of an interesting mix of Fun Quizzes, Breakout Groups, Dynamic Presentations, and Discussions. You'll be surprised at how interesting studying the Bible really is. You will learn more about the Bible in a few weeks than most people learn in a lifetime.

Join BDC' Community Bible School Online

This is Your Opportunity to Engage in LIVE, INTERACTIVE Bible study that is sure to transform your walk with Christ and prepare you to live and share the Gospel with Confidence.

Instructions to get started:

  1. Register at Bible Discovery Center.
  2. Complete the Online Bible Lessons 
  3. Attend the Live, Interactive Community Bible School Sessions online.

To participate in the Live, Interactive Community Bible School Sessions online you'll need to have zoom installed on your device. Download the Zoom app on your phone or computer by going to


If you face any technical difficulties, please call or text message Garette at 410-905-3115.

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