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Community Bible School Online

Enjoy enlightening and relevant Bible truths while connecting with Christian friends in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. We're looking forward to welcoming you!

Community Bible School Proposal

This pre-work Bible series is designed to develop interests and connect them with local congregations where they can be further nurtured into a saving relationship with God.


Name: Family and Friends Community Bible Center

Type: Community Bible School

Theme: Nurturing Confidence in God's Word

Venue: Online - Zoom, Youtube/Facebook Live

Lesson Guides: THERE IS HOPE BIBLE STUDIES Level 1; LOOK, LOVE, & LIVE, Level 2

Lessons Available: Complete online or download at


Saturdays 3pm Central; 2pm Pacific; 4pm EST

Begins: February 6, 2021


Coach-Sister Angela K Powell (618-791-4262; )

Brother Garette Christie (web admin  (410-905-3115;    ))


Pastor Moore

Pastor Hansell

Pastor Brutus



  • Friends inviting friends
  • Text/Email Invites
  • Flyer Distribution
  • Business cards handout (to individuals met during the day)
  • Door hangers
  • Share on church’s website & Facebook page
  • Share on social media


Zoom Live Video Conferencing with call-in option

YouTube Live

Facebook Live


Start Time: 3pm Central

Duration: 90 Minutes (3pm-4:30pm)

Preliminary (20 minutes)

  • Prayer
  • Welcome
  • Announcements
  • Quiz, based on previous meeting, using Zoom polls
  • Health Nuggets


Study (57 minutes)

  •  Presenter (25 minutes)
    • Icebreakers - 
    • Personal Application Discussion
    • Two Discussion Questions/points of interest (consensus) Send scriptures
    • Prayer Requests
  • Facilitate participants’ questions
  • Singing evangelist appeal song
  • Presenter


  • Prayer
  • Slides


Participants complete Level 1 course at Family and Friends Community Bible Center

Participants complete Level 2 at local church venues/online sites



Bible Instructors

Janice Cole (St Louis Missouri)


Agape Church

Beverly Russel

Contact Coordinators

St Louis Missouri

St Louis Berean Church

Kelly Stokes

Contact Coordinators

Waterloo Iowa


Tonda Alexander

Contact Coordinators

Baltimore MD


Rashelle Jones

Contact Coordinators

Tampa Florida

Sharon Church, Tampa

Marcellus WIlson

Contact Coordinators

Atlanta Georgia


Garette Christie

Contact Coordinators

Baltimore MD


Angella K Powel

Contact Coordinators

Belleville, Illinois

Grand-Lighthouse (St Louis)

Kevin Mitchell

Contact Coordinators

New Jersey


Tonya Kirkpatrick

Contact Coordinators

Baltimore MD



Contact Coordinators


Know a Bible Instructor? Call Sister K (618) 791-4262




Community Bible School Outline