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What the future holds has always been a matter of deep interest to world leaders and the “common person”. In the book of Daniel God’s foreseeing eye reveals the future; history establishes the certainty of it. Join us for this exciting study, Saturdays at 4:00 PM Central/5:00 PM Eastern.

Bible Discovery Center Live, Fall 2023
Bible Discovery Center Community Bible School

Bible Discovery Center Live, Fall 2023

September - December


Jesus made a promise to you that He would return, that where He is you may be also. The second Coming of Christ is the Blessed Hope that reunites a loving Father with His children here on this earth.

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Bible Discovery Centers is a warm and friendly Community Bible School with Centers extending across the globe.
Our Mission
We endeavor to meet people where they are with the gospel
No one has to “Pray Alone, Study Alone, Be Alone, nor Suffer Alone”.

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Bible Discovery Center is an innovative new online platform featuring Small Groups Bible Studies, inspiring presentations, interactive online lessons and engaging group activities for better understanding the Bible and meaningful Christian connections. Discover what it means to experience assurance of salvation in Christ! Learn More.

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