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Pillars can add strength and beauty to a building. ... A pillar transmits the weight of structures above it to other structures below it. As a result, pillars play a large role in allowing mankind to build strong and tall structures that do not collapse under their own weight.

In the spiritual realm, the pillars of faith become the bridge between heaven and earth, the vertical axis, which both unites and divides the two realms. Prophets and the Spirit of Prophecy, accordingly, can act as pillars by transmit the weight and consequence of sin to the saving grace of Jesus - if - we adhere to their guidance and warnings.  

The teaching goal of Module 2 is to remind the participant that by heeding God’s warnings, made known to us through the Prophets and Spirit of Prophecy, our faith will be strong and tall enough to not collapse under the weight of the time of trouble to come.

Week 3February 26, 2022   The Beginning of Wisdom

  • God’s Prophets and His will for People to Have Knowledge
  • Major Events predicted by Old Testament Prophets
  • Holy Spirit, the Former Rain and the Latter Rain

Week 4 - March 5, 2022    Prophet of Destiny

  • 4 Tests of a Prophet
  • Ellen G. White

21 Days of Prayer

The storms of this life often threatens to overflow and overwhelm us; but in God's Word we find reasons to keep swimming; keep striving; keep pressing and holding on. In this series we explore 21 reasons why we can have hope, even in a world, or personal experience, that feels hopeless. 

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