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In Matthew 25:5, both groups of virgins slept, however the difference between the wise and foolish virgins was their preparation for the event. The wise virgins slept, however they had a prior relationship with God through the oil of the Holy Spirit; the foolish virgins did not have that relationship.

The 10 virgins, in allegory, represent the church of Laodicea. All members believe the same truths and await the same Lord. But the wise virgins had prepared themselves for the glorious event. Church members today who have not prepared themselves - the foolish virgins -  will not receive the latter rain.

The teaching goal of Module 4 is for participants to understand that mere theoretical “head knowledge” of the end time events will be to little avail if one does not have an experience of repentance and confession and of cleansing of sin. A preparatory work must be done to survive the crisis coming upon the earth.

Week 14May 21, 2022   The Preparatory Work

  • Consistent study of the Bible and Spirit of Prophesy
  • Communion with God through fervent prayer
  • Cleansing from sin and victory over weakness
  • Complete surrender to God
  • Diligent work for Christ
  • Activity on behalf of religious liberty
  • Walking in the Spirit

21 Days of Prayer

The storms of this life often threatens to overflow and overwhelm us; but in God's Word we find reasons to keep swimming; keep striving; keep pressing and holding on. In this series we explore 21 reasons why we can have hope, even in a world, or personal experience, that feels hopeless. 

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